Zoom meetings academic best practices?

  1. Don’t pre-record your presentation. If/when in the middle of your presentation, technical difficulties occur, if you are live, once “things” are working again, you can adjust on the fly for the time remaining. Also, 2nd hand video streaming is very ambitious and can fail under otherwise good conditions.
  2. Turn off all animations in your slide transitions. They render very slow when streaming and obscure your slide with weird digital artifacts. At times the stream will freeze on a half-way point in the transition, and you can’t even see the slide.
  3. Do a sound-video check one hour before the digital event. This way if someone has a weird low microphone setting that can easily be adjusted, you all can sort that out together.
  4. Have someone in the room near you, on a separate device listening with headphones on, with a separate data service streaming like from their phone data, to let you know immediately if your stream is not working. If not in the same room, do a similar setup with them on speaker phone.